Establishing A Brand Presence 


How does a world-famous musician build a valuable brand, and create and maximize financial opportunities for it?

That was the question facing Julian Marley – JuJu Royal when we began working with him in 2016. To a knowledgeable observer, Julian was clearly one of the best reggae musicians in the industry — he had been to the Grammys in 2009 — but outside of music, the casual cannabis fan knew little if anything about him.

Even the media who covered the cannabis industry were unsure what to think of his brand. Julian was by nature introverted, and his discomfort in front of the cameras at times was sometimes misinterpreted by reporters as disinterest. 

He needed a strategic plan for reshaping the way he was seen.


“When I wake in the morning, I go for the best herb I have available, so I go straight for my JuJu Royal Sour Diesel, as well as the the JuJu Royal OG Kush vape pen. This starts my day off irie.” – Julian Marley

High Times Magazine Feature


Starting from very little digital presence of any kind, we built out content for Julian’s Facebook and his brand, JuJu Royal. We launched a social media campaign to increase his presence tremendously across Instagram and Facebook.

Not long after, we started implementing campaigns to reach his followers organically with graphics and photography. Slowly, we began to spell out for people just who Julian Marley is — not in cliches, but in the specifics of his experience. And as we did, Julian began to feel greater comfort in expressing himself, and clarity about what he represented.

This was just the beginning. 





Over the months that followed, we continued to chronicle his life out of the cannabis industry, playing music, living life, and his cannabis brand, JuJu Royal. People became aware of his off the stage interests — soccer, music, and cannabis.

We were able to grow the JuJu Royal fanbase online from a very-low 500 to over 20,000 followers in 6 months. We also gained an additional 400,000 followers for Julian’s personal brand. We reached an estimated 21.7 million people organically via content being shared and going viral. We also averaged 5 times the engagement than competing brands with a significantly less amount of followers by publishing superior content selected using psychographics.

Despite having several million followers less than his brothers, Damian Marley, Stephan Marley, and Ziggy Marley, Artcraft Wes was able to average more engagement for Julian every week for over 8 months without any paid advertisements.

More recently, our efforts with Julian have focused on solidifying his place as one of the best reggae musicians as well as the world’s #1 cannabis brand.


Despite having been a musician virtually his entire career, Julian has built a valuable digital brand that has helped him to earn millions of dollars in contracts and endorsements as well establish a solid following for his JuJu Royal brand.

With a robust social media following, Julian and JuJu Royal are set for the remainder of his jamming days and beyond.